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2010-05-14 18:13:06 by Basez

After more then a year,

Finnaly! a new Flash Portal submission!

I have been working very hard on my flash skills the last year.
They have improved so much, I cant even begin to explain!

Anyways, this flash submission pretty much sums a lot of my experience up.
However I did not use all the knowledge I gained in this game either.

ps. I know the art sucks! I am a programmer ;)


Flash Experiments Blog

2010-04-21 14:48:55 by Basez

Hey guys,

I have been silent for almost a year now.
In this year I have learned an incredible amount of Actionscript 3.0 skills.
I am going to use this knowledge for my new blog, where I am going to post Open-Source experiments in AS3.

This way I can help contribute to the flash community, and help others to learn AS3

The blog can be found here

First game ever released on NG

2009-03-26 19:26:22 by Basez

Hey guys, today I launched my first game on newgrounds, I hope you all enjoy it, I learned a lot from creating this one, and I will soon create another one, a much better one

check it out here!